Monday, 22 August 2011


Just TWO weeks and the kids will be back to school......... and my youngest will start school on the 9th Sept...gosh it will be quiet at home......but alas i will be back to work after three months off after undergoing treatment, physio, hydrotherapy, pain control etc for my lower back you know why i can craft every day lol.........i will only be working three short days to start with so will still have time to craft....but will have to be super organised.....

Plus..... i am planning to celebrate 5000 hits with some CANDY on Thursday or Friday as i have ordered some goodies to share with you all and hopefully they will be here by then.......PLUS i want to give something back to my creative followers also, so there will be some CANDY just for YOU.......which,  if i can figure out Mr Random he can choose, if not i'll take all the names and put them in a bowl and my daughter can choose please keep coming back this week.


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