Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Years Resolutions...............

Don't we either love making these or loathe making these lol.....a fellow blogger of mine Arline has made a few Resolutions for 2012 and I thought what a good idea to post them on your blog.

I only have one personal resolution but i do like Arline have a crafting resolution.

1. I wish to loose at least 2 stone in i am constantly told by my Consultant - 'it will help with the pain and improve the movement in your lower spine' I must push forward with this.

2. My crafty resolution is to SORT MY CRAFT ROOM OUT so it can be functional and then I will certainly be more motivated to spend all my spare time in there. Currently it looks like this.......and i have no working space and use the dining room table.

PLUS sorting the room has helped me sort out what i have and am not going to use.
Like Arline the idea of recycling and selling on items is a good thing so I have recently placed on Ebay lots of crafting goodies that I have had for a while and not used. The sale of these will then go towards things that I will use.

I cant make anymore resolutions because i know i will veer off this road lol.
So thanks Arline for ever more inspiration xxxxx.


J said...

Oh i am sure you will lose some weight hun you are certainly more determined this time around. And good luck with sorting that room out, you have far too much stuff you cant get in there lol. xxxxxxxxx J

downrightcrafty said...

I think we all would want to do the same, but if we tidied our craft rooms using up and down motions we might be able to do both at once :)

by the way my candy is down under Dawny P - I am Kate, if you would not mind changing the entry

thank you and good luck in the draw
Hugs Kate xx

Hazel said...

HI Amanda

Good luck with your New Years resolutions.

Take care

Hazel x